What is Allergy Reaction

Allergy reactions result from the hypersensitive reaction during the responding of immune systems to common substances such as pollen, dust, and certain foods.

Bacteria, viruses, or harmful chemicals often enter the human body. They are not always harmful but often cause harm. They can sometimes be the cause of human death. However, the human body is not sitting still. Little by little, they have built their own internal security system to prevent these external elements. This system is called the immune system.

What is Allergy Reaction?

When an external harmful substance enters the body, the immune system fights against that harmful substance. In their fights, the heat of the cells causes fever or small rashes on the skin, itching, red spots, or colds. Apparently, these diseases seem to be bad for the body. However, overall, they are needed. Because without this system, it would have been difficult to survive.

What is Allergy Reaction

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But usually, the good has some flaws. There are also some defects in the immune system of the body. Often this system considers harmful substances that are not harmful to the body. That’s when the disaster struck. One of its ingredients is the smell of flowers. Many people cannot take the fragrance of flowers. This is because when the pollen enters the nose, the body’s immune system considers it a threat. But in fact, they are not harmful to the body.

In some of these cases, itching of the body without any reason is due to a misunderstanding of the immune system, a red rash appears. This type of phenomenon is called allergy. Many people are allergic to dust again. As soon as the dust enters their nose, the pain of allergy starts. But dust is absolutely harmless material for our body.

Many people are allergic to certain foods. These foods are not harmful to the body at all. Such as beef, shrimp, hilsa, eggplant are all necessary for the body. But many people cannot eat these just because of allergies.

How does Allergy happen?

A team of Australian researchers is looking for a permanent solution to this unnecessary allergy. Allergic activity is activated in the presence of an ingredient called immunoglobulin E. This material goes back into the cell and releases special chemicals. The result is an allergic reaction. Now, if IGE can be controlled in any way, then allergies can be controlled.

How to Control Allergy?

Now the question is how to control? Mice have a special kind of cell in their body. That cell regulates the immunoglobulin E in the rat’s body. Mice and humans are both mammals. In many ways, they have human similarities. As such, there is a strong possibility that such cells are present in the human body. After a lot of research, the Australian research team found this special cell in the human body.

Millions of victims will soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief if it is used normally. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, the research team is quite optimistic about this.

The number of people suffering from allergies is much higher in Australia. One out of every five people there suffers from allergies. So researchers in that country are working on this obvious problem. But if it is implemented, the whole world will enjoy the benefits. Hopefully, the allergy vaccine will be gone soon.

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