How to control your mind

I couldn’t explain to you, Ray, you are my mind. I cannot control my mind. The mind does not want to do what I want to do but the mind does not want me to do what I want to do. Now the question may come then is there any difference between mind and me? In fact, there is no difference here. I am giving examples to illustrate the relationship between you and your mind.

control your mind

Imagine you are walking down an empty road one afternoon. On the way, he suddenly saw a beautiful girl on the street and became very fond of her. But according to the condition of that girl, it is never possible to form a relationship between you. You know that if you go after that girl you will have to suffer in the next life. But your mind does not want to accept that you lost the girl. This is where the reality of the relationship between you and your mind comes up. Now how do you control your mind and turn your back on that girl and bring your own danger?

Today we will talk about exactly How to control your mind.

1. Try to understand

Never come to a conclusion without hearing something and understanding it. If you are the top executive of a company then you can do whatever your mind wants. But then you could not control your mind. So before making any decision, listen carefully to the other executives of your company and try to understand. You will see that what your mind wanted may turn out completely.

2. Avoid rumors

A lot of times it may be that you want to do something but you don’t want it to happen. In that case, never proceed on the basis of very general information. Take time to think about your problem. And at that point just think about why you don’t want to do it. You can easily control your mind if you can bring out enough information for yourself.

3. You can

Success is never possible for you if you do not believe that you cannot change anything. So be confident in yourself and have positive thoughts. Believe in yourself, I will be able to change it anyway. Because in this beautiful world of the Creator, nothing is impossible for human beings, from changing your old habits to changing your thinking.

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4. Don’t despair

Depression is one of the major problems in human life. If you want to succeed in controlling your mind for the first time, it will bring you frustration instead of success. So hopefully someday you will be able to control your mind. But if you get frustrated, it will be almost impossible for you to get out of there.

5. Re-evaluate

If you want to control a job that your mind wants, many times you may think that the job is actually going right? That’s why you need to evaluate your changes over and over again. Make sure you are moving in the right direction and move yourself twice as fast as before.

6. Analyze your mind

We all know that if we want to defeat our enemy easily then the first thing we have to do is to analyze the movements of the enemy. So since you want to control your mind here, analyze your mind before doing it. Learn to understand how your mind wants something and how much it wants. Then learn to discover the things you can do to turn your mind around. This will help you the most to control your mind.

7. Practice

If you have the experience of doing small things before joining a big job, it can easily lead you to success. So practice yourself regularly before controlling something that your mind is desperately wanting. Practice controlling small things. The experience or ability you gain by controlling small things will help you a lot to control big things.

For example: if you want to be a big leader, you have to rise from the small stage one by one. Remember that no one can ever be the Prime Minister in one leap. Sometimes a Member of Parliament can reach the level of a Minister and finally maybe a Prime Minister.

8. Don’t come to a conclusion too soon

Reaching a sudden conclusion without thinking deeply about anything can bring great danger in your life. So take the time to think about your problems and try to understand yourself. Only after deep thought will you come to a conclusion. Never conclude by starting any work.

9. Try to smile even if you don’t like it

We have to deal with a lot of situations when there is a beautiful smile on the corner of the lips despite feeling bad in the mind. Try to smile all the time. Because when you laugh, even if you are upset, it will gradually get better and laughter will multiply the power of your mind.

10. Reward yourself

Celebrate with your friends when you are able to successfully control your mind. Also don’t forget to reward yourself for this success. Because these little celebrations and rewards of yours will speed you up the next time

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