How to Be Patient in Studying

Almost all of us have this problem of “How to Be Patient in Studying”. When you sit down to read and look at the pages of the book, the world suddenly feels unbearable! I think I look at the white wall in front of me for hours, that lizard is leaning on the wall, the fan is spinning, I see these sitting, but I do not want to read!

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. For you too, but studying is like a job! It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. So, even if the mind does not want to, the responsibility cannot be neglected. Scientists have done a lot of research and come up with seven infallible strategies so that it is no longer a problem to concentrate on reading. You will see that everything will change, you will soon become focused on reading!

1. Enjoy Learning, not to Pass Exams

How many times have I read a new topic and thought, “What will this thing do for me in real life?”

Granted, textbooks have some things that aren’t really needed in life, but why lose the opportunity to learn something new?

Suppose you like to watch football, there is nothing more enjoyable in your life than watching football without sleeping all night, all the details of the game are on your lips. But no one has ever forced you to know all this, you know in your own interest, in love.

But you do not want to remember simple information in the book! The reason is very simple, the human mind does not want to do anything reluctantly. Just the moment you think “Damn! Now you have to sit down and read them for tomorrow’s test! ” That’s when your mind is rebelling, not wanting to read a single particle.

It is a great pleasure for you to watch the game, the interest comes from within, so the details of how many goals a club has scored etc. are easily planted in your head. Awaken such interest in reading, you will see the attention coming automatically. You will pass the exam on your own, if you study and enjoy learning, this knowledge will be immortal in your mind forever.

2. Set a Goal

“I’ll do the math all day today!” It’s easy to say, and the idea of ​​”reading a lot” comes to mind when you walk around with a math book in your hand all day, but at the end of the day it turns out that nothing really happened!

“Do the math” Is this a good goal?

So, instead of saying, “I will do the math,” set a specific goal, “I will finish the chapters before the evening.” Then you will see that the goal will be much more useful, and you will not want to get up from your chair until the goal is achieved! I think stubbornness will be suppressed, and more and more attention will come from within, a hard goal you set, and just hit it – is there any comparison to this joy?

Now the study will be in the right way!
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how to be patient in studying
how to be patient in studying

3. Get rid of clutter you don’t need

Maybe you’re so addicted to Facebook, that once you don’t turn on the timeline every five minutes, you actually stop breathing, thinking, How much better it would be without Facebook! ”

In the previous era of Facebook, people did not waste time?

There was no Facebook then, but we used to hang out in the tea shops of the neighborhood and talk on dates for hours. There is nothing more like wasting time, people are always wasting their time in all sorts of ways, you and I are no exception! No one died from the sadness of not being able to watch TV when there was no TV, but now people cannot be pulled from the front of the TV! Everything is actually on use. So there is no point in blaming technology. The question is, what can be done?

Remove everything from the table while reading. At this time there are only two entities – you and your book, and nothing else exists in the world, until you finish reading, you sink into the deep abyss of meditation. If the mobile is in front, “Let’s just see if there is any notification!” It is really impossible to curb this greed! Bangladesh-Pakistan match is going on, if you sit in front of the TV with a book thinking “Just watch the score is empty”, you will see when you drop the book and drown in the game you will not notice! So there is no chance to distract while reading, all such materials must be removed from the front!

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4. Reward Yourself!

Who doesn’t like to get prizes! Maybe you like to eat chocolate, but if you play too much, you will get tooth decay, you will get fat, etc. Problems, you can do one thing, you have decided to put a chocolate on the last page of the book! How much you have suffered so much, it is right to give yourself such a reward ignoring the fear of tooth decay!

Always engage in such favorite things with reading, you will see that you are reading and it doesn’t feel bad like before, a lot of attention is coming! (Be that as it may, in the lure of favorite things!) People’s innate interest in things they like, if the word “chocolate” comes to your mind when you hear the word “reading”, then can’t reading feel good anymore ?

5. Short Breaks

There will always be some people in your class who walk around all day, think less about studying, study less than they do in practice, but even if you study day and night, you will get lower marks than them in exams!

Surely the matter is very upsetting? There is nothing to be upset about, just change a small thing and everything will be fine.

Reading for hours on end is not very useful. As I said at the beginning, your goal is to “learn”, not to shake your head with the book in front of you! So take a short break every forty to fifty minutes without falling for a long time. It may be possible to push many things into the brain at once, but learning in this way is almost impossible! Take a break, read with joy, come back once you feel tired, eat something, talk for two minutes – keep your mind fresh, you will see that everything is getting stuck in your head very fast even after a short time!

6. Go Teach Someone

We all read a lot of English, but how to get stuck in the mouth! You may have made a fuss while reading the textbook, but it is seen that when you take an exam, you have to bite your teeth when you see a question and think, “I have never thought like this before!”

So the best way to read something is to teach it to others. Then you will see your own mistakes, you have to read a lot of details about the topic to answer the various questions of the man, there is no salvation until the whole thing is in your hands – how to teach another if you do not understand yourself?

So do one thing, the subject that will be read today, I will let my friend know about it tomorrow, you will see it, stay away from the exam, you have to read with a lot of attention in the thought of explaining it, there is no chance to get up from the reading table!

7. A Healthy Life

Studying all night is not a great achievement! The human body is not an instrument, if you do not give a certain amount of rest, the body will get worse. It will be seen that you slept less to save time, then you spent the whole day with teary eyes, nothing was done, you wasted the whole day by saving a few hours. So 7-8 hours of sleep per night is very necessary for good health.

Exercise is a great way to reduce fatigue and keep you focused. If you do a little exercise every day, you will see that the body looks quite fresh, you don’t feel drowsy when you sit at the reading table like before!

Also keep in mind the matter of food and drink. If you eat more and more fast food, oily heavy food, you will definitely not have the condition to sit and study and work with full concentration! So increase the amount of vegetables and fish to eat, the body will be healthy, lively, will pay more attention to study than before!

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