In this post, I am going to show you the best mutual fund apps that are super easy to use.

I think you will agree with me when I say: It is hard to find best one in this crowded world.

 So let’s start.

Best Mutual Fund Investment Platform Android Apps 2021

1. Piggy – Mutual Funds & SIP Investment app, Save Tax

Piggy Mutual Fund AppThe Piggy mutual funds & SIP investment app is one of the most popular applications in the Android Store and iOS Store. 

That allows you to invest in the direct investment plans of mutual funds offered in India with zero commission. 

The application allows you to complete paperless registration in two minutes. 

Once you have registered with Piggy, you will be able to plan investments to achieve your financial goals, as well as tax planning. 

With Piggy you can a detailed analysis of your mutual fund portfolio and create your own investment-based goals.

Piggy comes with the latest security measures, encrypts data, secure transactions and protects them with a 4-digit personal PIN code for quick access. 

The application converts important details and data graphically for better understanding. 

The app has a separate section for the latest news, reviews and educational articles for informed decisions. 

Today, the application contains real-time information about more than 600 mutual fund schemes from 25 mutual fund houses in India. 

Piggy is the only investment application in India which provide 5 payment options in mutual funds. Including UPI, debit card, NEFT, net banking, bank mandate.

Even you can track your investments from other mutual funds apps in India like MyCAMS, Angel Bee, PayTM Money, Fisdom, Fund Easy, Investica, ET Money, Groww, Funds India, My SIP Online, My CAMS, Scripbox, SBI MF, Wealth Trust, IIFL, Zerodha Coin etc.

2. Groww - Mutual Fund App, Free Direct Funds

Groww Mutual Fund AppGroww is a platform which helps you invest in more than 3000 mutual funds from a single place. 

You can not only just invest in mutual funds but track your portfolio online using its platform. 

In this post, let us explore Groww Mutual Fund Investing App through some of the common questions you may have in your mind. Read full detailed review of Groww.

Founded in 2017, the Bengaluru-based company was part of Y Combinator in the United States last year and continued to raise $1.6 million “pre-Series A” round in June of last year. 

Groww was started by four former ex-Flipkart employees – Lalit Keshre, Harsh Jain, Neeraj Singh and Ishan Bansal, who realized how difficult it is to invest in India, especially among young people.

Groww allows its users to invest in mutual funds, including systemic investment planning (SIP) and equity-linked savings. 

Groww claims that they have more than a million users are registered in there app, most of whom are under the age of 40, and primarily using mobile. 

Available on iOS, Android and the web, it offers over 5,000 mutual funds that can be invested directly from its application. Start investing with as lows as Rs 500 a month with zero fees, no transaction charges.

3. Orowealth - Mutual Fund - Buy, Invest, SIP & Track

OrowealthOrowealth was founded in 2016 by three IIT-IIM alumni, Agrawal, Kuppa, and Yogesh Powar. 

Aimed to ‘make investors richer, Orowealth offers financial instruments for implementing, analyzing and advising on various products, such as MFs, stocks, bonds, insurance and much more. 

It currently manages more than 500 crores of assets under advisory and plans to cross 3000 crores of assets by December 2019.

Orowealth offers zero-commission products and personalized financial advice for retail investors to maximize their returns. 

OroWealth partners with major financial institutions such as Sharekhan and Online Trading Academy to provide asset management solutions to their clients.

Orowealth democratizes access to financial products for retail investors and reduces time to market for large banks, large asset management companies and brokerage companies.

With Orowealth, you can get the best investment funds depending on your investment horizon and risk appetite. You can easily create flexible goals with constant balancing with this mutual fund app.

4. ETMONEY - Mutual Fund App, Portfolio, SIP, Expenses

This app was previously known as Smartspends 2.0 and is now officially renamed ETMoney.

ETMoney LogoETMoney’s investment section lists various mutual funds. You can look at the performance of each fund as you navigate to the details of the fund.

 ETMoney is an integrated platform that promises to be a one-stop solution for all your financial needs. ETMoney is a paperless, mobile-first, on-demand and personalised to you. 

Available for both Android and iOS, the application helps you reimagine everything about “money” and empowering more than 50 lakhs Indians to make informed financial decisions.

Once you have decided to invest in a specific fund, even if you have not passed the KYC verification, you can complete the entire KYC verification process in a very simple and user-friendly way. 

This is a complete paperless solution that will help you in the investment process.

After investing, you can manage your entire portfolio. You can even manually add your investments made from other means (for example, through other websites) to track them all in one place and manage your portfolio.

There is also a Smart-Deposit feature that seems to be interesting. With this, you can invest in a liquid fund. 

For people who would like to invest in a low-risk fund and withdraw funds immediately at any time, this is an suitable option. 

In addition, there is a tax saving solution specifically designed for investing in ELSS funds.

The best part is that the whole process took only 2-3 minutes. This application is really easy to use and very impressive. 

This app also provides useful information on stock market movements, shows users how to spend, and investment opportunities.

ETMONEY has processed more than 2 crore investment orders and placed more than 500 crore in mutual fund sales within two years of its launch. 

The application has over 50 lakh users and offers a wide range of financial products, including insurance, loans, cards and systematic investment plans (SIPS), apart from mutual funds.

5. MySIPonline - Mutual Fund Investment App

MySIPonlineMySIPonline App allows you to invest in the most suitable mutual funds online offered by financial experts, without any hassle or paperwork. 

This is a free, convenient, user-friendly and safe application for online investing.

Investing in mutual funds has become easier thanks to this safe and convenient application, which is assisted by numerous functions that facilitate the investment process.

MySIPonline turned out to be a great platform that opened the door to investment. 

The dashboard allows investors to track all your investments in one place. The application has various calculators to help you plan your investment. 

You will get a separate section for tax savings investment.

MySIPonline is the best mutual fund application for investing through SIP, as well as a one-time amount investment (lumpsum).

6. myCAMS - Mutual Fund App

myCAMS Logo

myCAMS is one of the best mutual fund app in India for direct SIP investments as well as for one-time lumpsum investments. 


You can also track a new Funds offer (NFO) or existing NAV mutual funds, Start a new SIP or purchase lumpsum MF units.

MyCAMS, a mobile application from CAMS, is co-owned by NSESIC, a subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange, HDFC Group and Acsys Investments. 

MyCAMS mobile application is a gateway to multiple mutual funds, including majors like Birla Sunlife MF, HDFC MF, ICICI Prudential MF, SBI MF, to name a few.

Users do not need to remember separate information about the login and password for each mutual fund in which they invested, since the application gives a consolidated view of all funds with one login. 

The MyCAMS application also allows the user to plan a future transaction in a tap. The company claims that about 400,000 users use myCAMS to manage their mutual fund investments. 

The application is available on Android, as well as in the iOS store.

7. Investica - MF Investment App

Investica Mutual FundInvestica’s offering is somewhat similar to the ETMoney – they offer advisory through pre-packaged mutual fund portfolios. 

Investica allows you to invest in mutual funds using an easy-to-use platform, an intuitive user interface, lightning fast speed, strong privacy protection and a smart investment methodology.

To make it easier for individual investors to seamlessly integrate their savings into mutual fund schemes, Choice Broking has launched Investica, a web application platform that not only protects with the highest A+SSL certification, but also offers tailor-made thematic baskets of multiple schemes based on an investor’s goal, financial objective & risk appetite This is stated in a press release.

Investica will focus on brining 70 percent of existing offline investors in online medium by orienting them to track, analyze and improve their portfolios, switch funds to increase profitability, receive the best analytical recommendations from experts and others.

Investica allows its investors to invest with their suggestions by its expert professionals. Register a free and paperless mutual fund account in just 5 minutes. 

You can invest at one time or using SIP, for only 100 rupees. You can calculate your expected return and start investing in SIP using the SIP calculator.

8. MyWay - Direct Mutual Fund, 24k Gold, Term Insurance

MyWay Direct Mutual Fund

MyWay Wealth helps you get started with SIP or Invest one time in 40+ AMC’s top-rated direct investment funds in just 2 minutes. 

No commission & fee.

If you are already a KYC user or an active investor, then using the MyWay Wealth application, you can invest in mutual funds in just 2 minutes without any paperwork.

Features of the MyWay Wealth app:

  • Smart fund recommendation engine: Invest in funds that constantly outperform the market. MyWay recommendation engine is built on top of scientific financial research and long-term historical market data.
  • Portfolio Rebalancing: Cover risk by periodically balancing your portfolio.
  • Do-It-Yourself: You can invest more than 5,000 direct plans in your way.
  • Real-time Tracking: Track/monitor your investments with a click of a button anytime, anywhere.
  • Insta-switch: Switch your investment from conventional funds to direct funds without any paperwork.

9. Kuvera - Direct Mutual App


Kuvera is a quite an engaging platform and is fun to use. This is because you can create goals, track the percentage of completion, invite friends to the platform and earn ‘coins’ that can be used to unlock features within Kuvera, and so on.

The Kuvera platform allows you to invest in the direct plans of most mutual fund schemes. 

Kuvera has on-boarded 36 leading asset management companies (AMCs).

Investing in direct mutual fund plans can help you save up to 1.5% of your annual expenses, thereby increasing your return on investment. 

Kuvera allows you to import existing investment funds (regular mutual funds) from other platforms and switch on to the direct plans.

Kuvera lets you choose your financial goals, such as child’s higher education, child’s marriage, retirement planning, owning a home, buying a car, vacation, etc.

The Kuvera platform allows you to manage a family’s single and joint accounts under a single login in one place.

Once you have mutual funds folios in Kuvera, you have the opportunity to switch to direct mutual fund schemes. 

The way it happens, Kuvera sells (on your behalf) regular units of mutual funds and buys units in a direct fund for the same amount. 

When you import your portfolio, Kuvera only displays fund units that are more than 365 days old and a fund units that is more than 3 years old.

10. Coin by Zerodha - Mutual Fund App

ZerodhaZerodha Coin is an direct mutual fund investment from Zerodha, India’s largest stockbroker website. 


You can easily create, pause and modify your SIP at any time, instantly and hassle-free. 

You can place orders to purchase or redeem mutual funds based on NAV just like stocks.

With a Zerodha account, you get access to a number of advanced financial platforms such as Kite, Console, Sentinel and more.

Coin, which began to offer direct mutual funds in April 2017, has already been crossed by more than 1,000,000 investors who have invested more than 2,500 crore.

With Zerodha Coin, you can invest in more than 3,000 commission free direct mutual funds in 34 funds and save up to 1% per year more than regular mutual funds.

11. Upwardly - Mutual Fund App, Sip Calculator, Free

UpwardlyUpwardly is a mutual fund platform (available for Android, iOS, and Web) that helps you easily invest in mutual funds. 

The company is registered with Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) as a distributor and with SEBI as an investment advisor. 

It is also a member of the BSE Star MF platform through which all your investments would be processed.

The main reason you should choose a platform like Upwardly is the convenience that it offers. You can invest in multiple AMC’s from one place without going to the AMC office or the AMC website.

There are many tools on their platform, such as SIP Calculator, Retirement Calculator, MF Calculator and more.

Once you sign up on their platform, you get a “Wealth Advisor”, which is available by phone and email. In addition, their focused investment approach and recommended portfolios, depending on the goals themselves is very good.

The best part is that you don’t need to pay a single penny for using their platform or consulting services. This platform is free, so the proposition offered by them is too good. Upwardly do not charge any monthly fees or commissions.

12. KFinKart - Investor Mutual Funds

KFinkart LogoKarvy’s KFinKart mutual fund platform, which gives you the powers to invest in various mutual funds. 

Get a single view of your investments, manage your account, make decisions and complete transactions instantly without the need for multiple applications.

The application offers access to a portfolio of mutual funds, account information. It also allows you to complete transactions and register for SIPs and view a summary account statement. 

The app also allows mutual fund distributors to initiate transactions on behalf of their customers.

Karvy also offers a direct fund platform. Using the Ktrack app of Karvy, you can purchase direct mutual funds.


13. SBIMF - SBI Mutual Fund

SBI Mutual FundInvesTap is an application that provides you with real-time updates, helps you consult with mutual fund experts, and allows you to plan and invest with the touch of a fingertip. 

Uncomplicate your mutual fund investments with invesTap, a mutual fund investment app by SBI Mutual Fund.

In anticipation of a new era of mobile investment, SBI MF invesTap is a fast, convenient and efficient application that allows investors to manage their investments on the go. 

InvesTap provides daily NAV updates on Mutual Fund NAVs and investor’s portfolio performance, allowing investors to plan and invest effectively. 

Investors get real-time alerts and notifications to monitor the NAVs.

InvesTap allows you to set a 6-digit MPIN or, simply request OTP every time you log in. This way you do not need to go through multiple passwords.

In addition to NetBanking, you can also invest in SBI mutual funds using debit cards, UPI accounts and One Time Mandates.

14. Paytm Money - Mutual Funds / SIP Investment App

Paytm MoneyOpen your Paytm Money mutual fund account in minutes. 

Get up to 1% higher returns by investing in direct mutual fund plans. Pay no commissions or any charges on buying and selling direct mutual fund plans.

Keep up to date with your investments in real-time funds in the app, track your SIP at any time of the day. 

Enable one-touch investments by setting up automatic payment, a one-time mandate for automating SIP and Lumpsum investments.

Invest in mutual fund schemes of 40 mutual fund companies in India.

Paytm Money Ltd expects that the number of investors in mutual funds in India will double from the current 20 million to 50 million by 2023 and hopes that by then about half of them will use their mutual fund applications. 

The company launches a mutual fund application that allows customers to buy and sell mutual funds and manage their portfolio from a mobile phone.

Investments in mutual funds require you to constantly check the return that has given over the past five years, normally 3 years is a minimum period. 

Mutual investment funds are exclusive to new investors because you can invest small amounts of money at regular intervals without any trading costs. It is helpful to understand the basics of investing.

It is important to understand the investment in mutual funds by category, as this is associated with various investment risks and various benefits. 

There are various types of mutual funds, ranging from blue chip funds, mid cap funds, small cap funds, and many others. 

Mutual funds are classified according to how they yield returns to investors. These can be fixed income, global, growth, core, mixed equity, sector, and mixed equity. 

Research on this topic is extremely important to avoid possible mistakes when investing in mutual funds.

When you rely on investments in mutual funds, be sure to decide where you want to place your funds. Make sure you do the research you need and find the best mutual funds by category. Mutual funds are a hot commodity for individual investors and financial institutions. 

Mutual funds are actively managed by a financial manager who constantly monitors stocks and bonds in the fund’s portfolio of shares. 

Mutual fund is well suited for traders interested in long-term investment.

Almost every financial year, many people plan to invest in mutual funds or think about managing their investment portfolios but are too afraid of the complex investment world and traders. 

For those who are looking for quick and easy investment opportunities, the application world offers many mobile applications to dispel any investment problems. 

We bring you several free mobile mutual fund applications for Android, which facilitate investments and guarantee that money management will remain in your hands. 

Check out the below best fourteen best mutual fund Android apps, available in India for easy investing in 2019 and select the best.

DISCLAIMER: Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns.

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